What's Cooking?

Quick, Easy and Tasty Meals

Cooking has become a passion and somewhat therapy for me. I love finding and trying out new recipes, as well as using those that my mother shares with me.  It was difficult at first when I decided to actually devote more time to cooking than eating out.  Trying to balance everything and muster up the energy to cook homemade meals was tough. Eating out had become so quick and convenient with my lifestyle of  being a career woman, wife and mother.  But I am glad I took the time to figure out my healthy balance so that I could make home-cooked meals, tend to my family and focus on my career.  My favorite part of it all has been the money saved and having fun creating the meals and the baby food. So the recipes that I share are of course tasty, time-convenient and easy to manage by those of us whose lives can at times be busy and chaotic. 



meal prep

Baby food

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