ABOUT Dr. C'Coop

Hi there! I'm Dr. C'Coop, a wife-mother-foodie and
the list goes on and on.

Although I spend a majority of my daylight hours providing mental health counseling services to individuals in the greater Houston area, my bigger roles in life include being a wife to a lucky handsome guy, a mommy to two beautiful daughters, and a something-like a foodie chef (is that a real thing) in my home kitchen.  I wish I could say that juggling these roles is an easy-peezy ride, but I would be flat out lying.  Sometimes life becomes hectic and I find myself contemplating packing a bag, jumping on a plane and going to a remote island for a few months just to get a break.  But since that isn't my reality, thankfully I have found a way to try and balance everything.

Writing - Cooking - Mommy Time

Yup.  Those are the 3 things that help to keep me sane while balancing being a kick ass wife, mommy and career woman.  Writing allows me to declutter my brain at the end of the day whether it's journaling, completing a gratitude log or blogging.  Cooking is my escape into a fantasy world of being a world renowned Chef (more like hood renowned where I'm from). Being able to create tasty meals for my family and saving money in the process has become somewhat of a comforting moment for me. Lastly, Mommy Time is something that I incorporated after evicting the 1-year old from my womb.  This is time that I take for myself and remove myself from the role of therapist, wife and mother to just be plain ol' me.  This is time to where I can do the things I enjoy, have a time to simply breathe without having to answer to or think for anyone else.  This could be a trip to Target, out to brunch with friends, or simply locking myself in the bedroom for a few minutes to just be.


And so The Blend with Dr. C'Coop is all about providing insight and tips on those three things and how they help me to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

So welcome and let's start blending!!!

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